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The Invisible Power of Logistics

“Wow! You guys have it together for your first show.”

That was the feedback from our fellow vendors at Baltimore ComicCon. And indeed, we did.

The booth design, energy, and enthusiasm were outstanding.

We gave away hundreds of games and prizes and met fans from all over the country.

In short, we nailed it!!

So, what made this event so successful?


Because we focused on logistics first, we had the products we needed on hand, the booth decorations ready, and the team reving to go.

There were many meaningful conversations in the lead-up to the event. How will we rep our brand? What will the display look like?

But every single decision ended with…”Great, how do we get it there and how do we get it back?”

The beautiful display, the rocking response, the sales…everything rest on one thing.

Perfectly executed logistics.

Without good logistics, we would have failed miserably.

But in the days following and numerous post-mortems, we never discussed the logistics. We talked about emails captured, the number of fans we met, how much we sold, and the awesome vendors we met.

Not once did we talk about logistics. But none of this would have happened without it.

This is a common thread in the retail and distribution industry – the invisible power of logistics.

How the product arrived? Where it came from? How is it shipped out? All these points are almost always forgotten in a successful event.

But you could not have a successful event without logistics– ever.


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