Virginia Seafood Online Business Webinar

 The COVID19 shutdowns have deeply impacted the watermen community. The loss of wholesale distribution and restaurants has been devastating to many seafood landings and individuals. Industries from produce to dairy to seafood are moving online. Direct to consumer shipping is here to stay.

I grew up in Gloucester, VA, not far from Guinea. The watermen community has been a major influence in my life. In the early 2000s, I ventured out to Seattle, WA to work for big ecommerce, tackling global problems and managing multi-million dollar businesses. After 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder and big city living, the Chesapeake called me home.  I now reside on the Northerneck, just off the Potomac. I know ecommerce…and thanks to an old Guineaman named George I’m a pretty good shucker too.

So what does all this mean for the Virginia watermen community? I am giving back. I want to help all of you grow your business and expand your channels of income. Selling online does not have to be complex or expensive...and you don't need a fancy consultant to do it for you. 

Please join me for a FREE webinar on how to build an online business, specifically focused on the seafood industry. The one-hour online presentation, with 30-minute optional Q&A,  will provide quick tips and links for starting simple online orders to optimizing nationwide shipping to leveraging trucking fleets for customer delivery.

There is no obligation for attendance, before or after. Advanced registration is not required, but is suggested due to limited participants. Phone numbers for dial-in, as an alternative to video conference, are provided with registration. 

The watermen community has always been resilient and will weather this storm just as you have done for 100s of years. This time….a little tech will help.

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